Global expansion requires a global strategy.​​

With over 35 years of experience in the Middle East and Africa markets, we’ll guide your product line to profitable market entry with precision and authority.

Drive sales. Boost market share.

Waiting for purchase orders to come in is a losing strategy. We’ll take your products direct to market and actively represent your entire product line to drive sales and increase international market share.

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Piro Trading International has been  helping companies expand their global reach into the growing Middle East and Africa markets since 1984. Our vast network of distributors represents retail, government, private business, and professional practice.

Our command of the Middle East market, combined with our intimate knowledge of the various cultures and business practices, expansive distribution network, and our long term, on-going relationships uniquely position us to profitably expand your company and product line in today’s growing Middle East and Africa marketplaces. Not only can we assist you in profitably entering the market, but we can also expedite the regulatory process, to ensure sales are generated as quickly as possible.

You can't have a global brand without a global strategy.

Let us profitably expand your business and brand with expert market entry and representation

We have over 35 years of experience representing world class brands in the Middle East and Africa markets. Our experience, expertise, relationships and track record attest to our ability to consistently boost profitability for our partners.

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